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If you are in danger due to domestic violence, dial 911. For more information on computer safety, click here: Stay Safe Online.

Stay Safe Online

If you are in danger due to Domestic Violence, stay safe online by protecting your privacy, including clearing your web browser’s history, cookies and cache.

Are you visiting us on a device that can be accessed by someone who could do you harm?

Could this person be viewing your browser history to see what sites you visit, including KAFSC’s? If so, it’s important that you clear your history after visiting this site. Afterwards, we recommend you revisit us on a work computer, library computer, or another safe access point, especially as a trail of the websites you visit may still be stored on your router, or by a third-party service.

Please follow the suggestions here to help clear your web browser’s cache, cookies and history.

Hide this page. Please note the prominent “Hide this page” button on the top right of every page of KAFSC. Clicking this page will take you to Google. However, your visit to KAFSC will still be visible in your browsing history, making the steps above crucial if you’re visiting us from an unsafe access point.