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Thank you for making our Korean DV Clergy Conference a Success!

Dear friends,

I want to express my deepest thanks to all of you for your contribution to our Korean DV Clergy Conference last Monday. I had so many people tell me afterward what an informative and worthwhile conference this was. I know personally I left that day feeling so hopeful and optimistic that we had taken a big collective step forward to helping DV impacted families in our community.

We had 116 people at this event. For most of the clergy present, this was their first training ever on DV. As we’ve started to analyze the feedback from the evaluations, a few common themes have emerged:

  • Participants loved the speakers. Each and every one of our speakers were mentioned specifically for providing valuable information.
  • Nearly all said they were more inclined to refer DV victims to us for follow up care and services, which means we achieved our primary goal of increasing partnership between churches and community groups. In general, participants felt emboldened to get more involved to end DV. They spoke about how churches need to lead in DV awareness, partner with DV service providers, and recruit professionally trained counselors.
  • One area of improvement is that next time (and they definitely want a next time), they want more time for the presentations, Q&A, open discussion, and to go into depth with everything. We had been concerned that clergy wouldn’t want to spend their entire day off in a conference but clearly from their evaluation responses plus the high number of people who stayed until the end, they wanted to keep learning and talking about DV.

We also had strong media coverage from LA 18 TV, Korea Daily, Korea Times, The Korean Christian Press, and KoreAm Magazine. You can watch the LA18 article here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5tVgT6aZj8. KoreAm Magazine (national Korean magazine for English speakers) will also be doing an in-depth article next month.

Thank you again so much for sharing your time and talents to this event, despite your incredibly demanding schedules. Thank you for your dedication and sincere desire to help our community.


Connie Chung Joe

Domestic Violence Clergy Conference

“Churches and community organizations responding to Domestic Violence among Korean Community”
Date: June 10th, 9:00am- 2:00pm
Location: Garden Suite Hotel, 680 S. Western Ave. L.A, CA 90005
RSVP: Charles Ryu, cryu@kfamla.org , 213-235-4842, Ahlim Kim, akim@kfamla.org, 213-235-4848

Training for Korean clergy in the Korean American community to be better responders to Domestic Violence, helping domestic violence victims and families

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Inquiry: Ahlim Kim, akim@kfamla.org, 213-235-4848
KFAM’s 30th anniversary to join us in celebrating the strength and resiliency of our Korean American families

College Readiness Seminar

Date: 8/29/2013
Location: Korean American Family Services, 3727 W.6th Street, Suite 320, L.A, CA 90020
Inquiry/RSVP: Charles Ryu 213-235-4842, cryu@kfamla.org

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KFAM College Readiness Workshop

KFAM College Readiness Workshop

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