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Photo Gallery

9.7.2016 Dating Violence Seminar

8.31.2016 40 Hour Domestic Violence Training

8.6.2016 AFFI Backpack Drive

7.21.2016 Staff Retreat

6.25.2016 College Readiness Seminar 3

5.25.2016 Healing Seminar Part 3

5.18.2016 KFAM Open House

5.5.2016 Mommy and Me Classes

5.4.2016 Healing Seminar Part 2

4.9.2016 Townhall Underage Drinking

3.31.2016 Healing Seminar

3.24.2016 Laugh for the Kids

12.18.2015 KFFI Christmas Party

12.17.2015 Domestic Violence Faith Leaders Retreat

11.7.2015 Anger Management Seminar

9.30.2015 32nd Anniversary Gala: Heart of the Community

8.6.2015 KFFI Backpacks to DCFS

8.1.2015 KFFI Backpack Stuffing

6.13.2015 CCFP Home Training 

6.4.2015 CCFP Center Training

5.20.2015 LACAAEA Ceremony

5.4.2015 Korean Clergy Conference

3.14.2015 KFFI’s 5th Orientation

3.7.2015 Annual Board Retreat

1.27.2015 Mental Health First Aid Training

1.22.2015 Korean Faith Advisory Council Meeting

12.19.2014 KFFI Christmas Party

12.17.2014 Friends of Korea Press Conference

12.10.2014 Korean Social Workers Visit KFAM

11.8.2014 Korean American Service Day

10.29.2014 UCLA Student Mentorship Program Press Conference

10.25.2014 Anger Management Seminar

2014 KFAM’s 31st Anniversary Gala “Wings of Hope”

6.11.2014 Suicide Prevention Material Focus Group

5.22.2014 KFFI Comedy Night

5.3.2014 Mental Health Screening Day II

3.25.2014 Safety Training

3.15.2014 KFFI Orientation

3.8.2014 Parenting Seminar w/ Lauren Kwon, MFT

3.1.2014 Parenting Seminar w/ Dr. Suzie Oh

2.22.2014 Parenting Seminar w/ Dr. Susan Chung

2.22.2014 Korean Foster Family Initiative Info Session

2.3.2014 Parenting Seminar Press Conf

2.1.2014 KFAM Board Retreat

1.22.2014 KFFI Launch

KFAM’s 30 Anniversary Birthday

30th Anniversary Dinner

2013 College Readiness Seminar

2013 KFAM Pioneers Luncheon

2013 Domestic Violence Conference for Clergy

2013 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival Screening of Mandevilla

2013 Older Adults Mental Health Seminar

2013 Parenting Seminar

2013 NEC Safety Training

2013 Bethlehem Academy Safety Training

2013 Mandevilla Community Screening

2012 Christmas Benefit Concert

2012 CTS TV Taping

2012 Mental Health Screening Day

2012 College Readiness Workshop

2012 CA Reducing Disparities Proj.

2012 Community Adults Yoga Class

2012 Safety Training w/ LAPD

2012 Family Cooking Class

2012 Engaging Men Conference

2012 Stress Seminar

2011 Mental Health Seminar

2011 Benjamin Hong Center Opening Ceremony

2011 Family Fun Day

2011 Han Dong University Social Work Deptartment Students Visit KFAM

2011 CGN Taping