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Clinical Counseling


KFAM provides individual, couple, family, and group counseling to Korean American adults and children, adolescents, and families in Los Angeles County. Our bilingual, bicultural counseling staff consists of licensed/registered therapists, student trainees/interns, child psychiatrists, and psychologists. Our highly-trained counselors work with clients on personal conflicts, relationship problems, and other life challenges such as: depression, anxiety, grief or loss, trauma, marital conflicts, parent-child conflicts, family violence, anger, acculturation stresses, and workplace issues. Counseling services are private and confidential.

  • Individual Counseling (adults, children, and teens)
  • Couples and Family Therapy
  • Group Counseling

Counseling fees are on a sliding scale, based on your ability to pay. We also provide Pro bono (free) services for those who meet eligibility requirements. For more information or to make an appointment, please call 213-389-6755 or email us at admin@kfamla.org.

Click here for Counseling Korean Brochure
Click here for Counseling English Brochure

Programs and Services

Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) Services

Seeking Safety and Stepped Care
Short-term early mental health services for clients with medi-cal and indigent clients who has undergone a traumatic event leading to a mental health issue. Seeking Safety is for clients 21 years and older, Stepped Care has no age limit.

Korean ISM/ICP

Korean Integrated Service Management services are appropriate for Korean clients (ages 26-59) in Los Angles who are experiencing primary mental health condition as well as substance abuse or physical health issues. This program is designed for clients who have medi-cal or who do not have insurance and have limited access to services due to language and culture.

Child Abuse Prevention, Intervention and Treatment (CAPIT)

Counseling and case management for children (ages 0-18) with high risk of abuse and/or neglect. Services include family counseling and parenting education for the parents of the child.


Group Services

KFAM offers group programs that focus on overcoming personal challenges in a supportive group setting. All sessions are conducted in Korean.

Anger Management

KFAM runs weekly anger management classes for both self-referred and court-ordered clients. Anger Management classes teach clients how to deal with their emotions in a healthy manner through self-reflection and the use of constructive communication, impulse control, stress management, and other coping skills.

Parenting Classes

KFAM offers parenting classes for self-referred clients and those who are mandated by the LA County Department of Child and Family Services or the Probation Department. Focusing on child development, family communication, discipline and family relationships, these courses teach parents valuable and practical skills on positive, constructive parenting. The counselors also provide parenting education at local schools, churches and community centers to improve parenting skills and parent-child dynamics that support healthy child development.

Triple P

Using the evidence-based Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) model, trained therapists work with immigrant parents to improve core parenting skills on common everyday developmental and behavioral issues among children and to reduce parental stress. One-on-one coaching sessions, small group discussions, and large seminars are provided in Korean and English.