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Family Violence

KFAM provides quality intervention, prevention and outreach services for Korean immigrant families affected by domestic violence and child abuse. We provide crisis intervention, counseling and support for victims, perpetrator accountability group programs, and culturally-specific education and outreach to prevent domestic violence and to improve access to services for victims.

Specialized services for women and children affected by domestic violence are housed in KFAM’s new Center for Women & Children wing. Established through the generosity of Benjamin Hong Foundation and community donors, the Center offers a safe and supportive space featuring enhanced safety measures and flexible after service hours.

Click here for Domestic Violence Korean Brochure
Click here for Domestic Violence English Brochure

Domestic Violence Victim/Trauma Services

If you are a victim of domestic violence, contact our 24-hour toll free crisis hotline:  888-979-3800

Since 1983, our highly trained, dedicated counselors have been responding to the needs of adults and children who have been victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, or child abuse. From crisis intervention, counseling, to bridging support and aftercare, our services help victims stabilize when in crisis and guide them through a process of recovery and rebuilding lives free from violence.

  • crisis intervention
  • case management
  • trauma-informed counseling
  • victim advocacy and linkage to housing, legal, and social services

Please call 213-389-6755 to talk to a counselor. During after hours, call our 24-hour crisis line at 888-979-3800 or email admin@kfamla.org.

Life Beyond Support Group

Life Beyond is a support group for Korean American DV survivors. Co-facilitated by DV counselor and a peer facilitator, Life Beyond serves two groups of women: DV survivors and current DV victims. Life Beyond is a safe place where the survivors can continue their journey of healing, find support in one another, and empower themselves to assist other women in breaking the cycle of domestic violence. Life Beyond will include art workshops, empowerment seminars and activities, and service referrals. Child care will be provided. For more information on Life Beyond, please email joh@kfamla.org or call 213-389-6755 x 124.

Korean DV Response Network

KFAM formed the Korean DV Response Network in March 2012 to coordinate and enhance services for Korean DV victims. Comprised of emergency shelters, a transitional shelter, and a mental health service provider, the Network agencies are working together to improve services, build a continuum of care, and educating community groups and churches to increase appropriate support for Korean victims and help break the cycle of domestic violence.

  • Korean American Family Services
  • Asian Pacific Women’s Center
  • Home on the Green Pastures
  • Esther’s Home

Supervised Visitation

KFAM’s Korean Supervised Visitation Program provides safe and culturally-responsive supervision for children and families under court-ordered visitations between non-custodial parents and their children. Offering the only SV program for Koreans in the greater Los Angeles area, KFAM’s professionally trained, bilingual monitors supervise visits in the Center for Women & Children space to ensure safe, positive visitation experiences for both children and parents. Please contact joh@kfamla.org or call 213-389-6755 x 124 for more information.

Supervised Visitation Brochure – English and Korean

Family Law Clinics

KFAM hosts Korean family law clinics the first 3 Wednesday afternoons of every month in collaboration with the Asian Pacific American Law Center and Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles. For any community member with a family law issue (such as divorce, child custody, and/or domestic violence) and related immigration issues, KFAM will arrange a free meeting with a Korean speaking attorney who can provide legal consultation, advice, and in some cases representation in their court cases. Services are by appointment only.

Batterer’s Intervention Program

KFAM is approved by the LA County Probation Office to run a 52-week Batterer’s Intervention Program for court-ordered clients to address their use of violence. Consisting of a series of structured training sessions and group support, the program is designed to teach participants how to stop or prevent violence through self-awareness, acceptance of personal responsibility, and mastery of new behaviors and alternative skills in communication, conflict resolution and anger management.