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Family Violence

Korean Faith – Community Partnership Project,  Korean Clergy Conference “Church’s Response to Domestic Violence”  Materials (May, 2015)
*Available only in Korean
1. 가정폭력이란
2. 가정 폭력에 대한 오해
3. 가정폭력의 순환주기
4. 힘과통제 수레바퀴
5. 평등 수레바퀴
6. 목회자의 역할
7. 피해자 상황 체크

Healthy Korean American Families: A Pastoral Approach. This handbook provides practical information on how Korean faith-based leaders can help congregants who come to them with a domestic violence issue. [click here]

Happy Children Come from Healthy Families PSA. Public awareness campaign to present family violence in the Korean American community.

Family Violence Face Sheet for Care givers and Day Care Providers [click here]

Mandevilla: A Domestic Violence Awareness Video

The short film below is part of KFAM’s campaign to engage Korean men and boys to end domestic violence. [click here for more information on Mandevilla]

Mandevilla short film and discussion toolkit. [click here]

Home Sweet Home Series

Home Sweet Home: Living Without Violence. 12 part Korean language talk show with experts in the Korean American community on hot to avoid domestic violence.

Mental Health

MENTAL HEALTH & KOREANS: DEVELOPING COMMUNITY VOICE IN LOS ANGELES AND ORANGE COUNTY. This White Paper describes the findings from the Korean Mental Health Symposium in 2010 to discuss ways to improve services to Korean Americans in the area. [click here]

KCS’s Orange County Survey on Koreans. [click here]

Korean Families & Community

A Community of Contrasts: Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders in California, 2013. Report by the Asian Pacific American Legal Center and Asian Law Caucus provides demographic information about Koreans and other API groups in LA and California, including English proficiency, income levels, etc. [click here]